RESTOR Hydro at Energy Europe, Copenhagen 23-25 May 2013

Very pleased with the reception of RESTOR Hydro at one of the world’s largest renewable energy fairs held annually at the Expo in Copenhagen Denmark.

Please see the attached .pdf of the presentation (the original .ppt is too large to post, but if you would like an original please just email:

Much interest was demonstrated by the attendees and long discussions in the conference halls afterwards.  The Conference well demonstrated the challenges faced by Hydro, the event was overwhelmingly represented by solar, wind and other generators.  There was only one on-shore hydro commercial presence (an two off-shore wave energy) who was working on recovering waste energy from storm drains and other large pipes.  In addition to the slide presentation we discussed micro-hydro industry at large, the EU efforts and support from IEE, the mapping as well as cooperatives, international finances (interests from GEEREF, BNPP), technologies (archimedes screws and other eco-friendly technology), environmental benefits (trash removal, managed waterways, flood control, greater infiltration, silt removal, etc) and collaborative efforts and early responses (and slipped some discussions about lessons learned and future directions e.g. URBAN project in as well).

Thanks to our friends at EREC for the opportunity to share our efforts, gather feedback and learn about the efforts of peers in domain.


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