RESTOR-Hydro is coordinated by ESHA, the European Small Hydropower Association. The consortium brings together technical experts, dissemination networks and associations for the promotion of hydropower from different European countries.

List of Participants:

Esha Logo ESHA – European Small Hydropower Association


ESHA, the European Small Hydropower Association, represents the interests of the small hydropower sector by promoting the benefits and opportunities of hydropower on EU level. ESHA campaigns for improved market conditions for the hydropower sector, removal of barriers to hydropower development and an increase in hydro electricity production in the EU and wider Europe. The association serves as a platform for actors in the hydropower field.



Commercial organisation dedicated to the promulgation of micro hydropower.

Offers expertise in financing scheme based on community collaboration (cooperatives), communication towards general public, and governance and creation of local cooperatives

  HEB – Hidro Elektro Bohinj


Hidro Elektro Bohinj (HEB) was founded in 1989 as a hydropower engineering company, specialized in turn-key engineering, design, equipment manufacturing, supervision and small hydropower operation. In the course of its existence, HEB extended its reference list to 162 small hydropower projects, both in Slovenia and abroad. HEB holds expertise on a broad range of hydropower topics, including energy and environmental legislation, financing, energy market and legal issues.

  NTUA – National Technical University of Athens


The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution in Greece in the field of technology. Since its foundation in 1836, it has contributed increasingly to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development.The Laboratory of Hydraulic Turbomachines (LHT) belongs to the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA. Its activities are mainly focused on the design, simulation and testing of hydraulic machinery and installations, size optimisation and operation of hydroelectric plants, pumped energy storage (PES) units and hybrid RES-hydro systems.

  WIP – Renewable Energies


WIP Renewable Energies (Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur GmbH und Co. Planung KG, based in Munich, Germany) has been active in the clean energy and environmental sectors for over three decades, working with both industrial and public sector clients at the international level. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between research and implementation of sustainable energy systems. WIP’s interdisciplinary team of professionals provides expertise and consultancy services to improve the performance of sustainable energy systems and to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency.

  APER – Association of Producers of Energy from Renewable sources


APER (Association of Producers of Energy from Renewable sources) was set up in Milan (Italy) in 1998, following the broadening of the field of action of APEI (Association of Producers of Hydroelectric Energy), set up in 1987. The aim of the Association is to represent the interests of RE producers and to contribute to enlarge the debate on renewable energies, by means of participation to national and international projects and of cooperation with the main stakeholders and policy makers. APER offers technical and legal support for implementing and operating the plants, as well as for the commercialization of the produced energy. It promotes sustainability and renewable energy systems, by means of dissemination and capacity building activities.

  FHE – France Hydro Electricity


France Hydro Electricity (FHE) is the major association of small hydro-electricity producers and stakeholders in France. Its philosophy is “do more, do better, do it together”; the association promotes small-scale hydro-electricity development and the preservation of existing plants. FHE represents over 500 plants (with an estimated total power output of about 4300 MW, approximately 18% power output of hydro-electric installations in France) and an array of professionals and experts in the field. FHE assists its members in the management of their installations and the development of their projects. It provides information and assistance in legal, administrative and technical issues. Hydroelectricity represents 12% of France’s electricity production and 95% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.

  SVAF – Swedish Hydropower Association


Swedish Hydropower Association (SVAF, Svensk Vattenkraftförening) was formed in 1980 and has now 800 members. SVAF aims at stimulating and promoting the use of small hydropower (10 MW) in Sweden in an ecologically sound way, encouraging the use of best possible technical and environmental practices. There are more than 1,500 small hydropower plants in Sweden, of which around 50% belongs to SVAF members. These plants are usually small family businesses where the owners live in the historic surrounding of the plant and take care to protect the environment. The guiding idea of the Swedish Hydropower Association is that both the local and the global environment will be safeguarded by the activities its members are engaged in.

TRMEW – Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development


TRMEW – the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development, is a non-profit organization which groups together small hydropower (SHP) plants owners, operators and supporters. TRMEW promotes small hydropower, creates a positive image and represents the sector in the political arena by active participation in legislative processes. The association integrates the SHP sector by organizing branch meetings, conferences and trainings, provides education concerning small hydropower and other renewable energy sources, and takes numerous actions on behalf of its members. The main objective of TRMEW is to increase the degree of utilization of hydropower potential in Poland. All projects carried out by TRMEW, including RESTOR Hydro, are implemented by TRMEW Spółka z o.o.- a company fully owned by TRMEW.

EDORA -  Fédération des énergies renouvelables


EDORA is an independent professional federation which aims to protect and promote the interests of the renewable energy sector in Brussels and Wallonia. Our members include wind, hydro, solar and biomass electricity and heat producers, as well as engineering and design companies, manufacturers, retailers, installers and research centres. EDORA’s mission is to support the development of the renewable energy sector with an ambitious policy and administrative framework. Through EDORA’s representatives and professional network, our federation plays a major role as expert besides institutional and political authorities.

LHA – Lithuanian Hydropower Association


The main purpose of the Lithuanian Hydropower Association (LHA) is to promote the development of hydropower in Lithuania. LHA has about 80 members and supporters, most of them directly linked with hydropower stations (HPS). They include owners of HPS, farmers, workers in the field of energetic and environment, scientists, lecturers and students. LHA supports its members with technical and legal issues. It also organises seminars, conferences, field visits, and conducts research and technical studies.

And with the collaboration of :

  French Mill Federation – FDMF


The French Mill Federation is a non-profit organization, created in 2002 on the initiative of 18 regional mill heritage preservation organizations. Its aim is to provide a federation for fieldworkers who work to safeguard, promote and restore mills.

Its activities are based around three themes: i. the mill at the heart of the industrial heritage; ii. the mill as a heritage attraction forming part of cultural and rural tourism; iii. the mill as a producer.



APERe (the Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energies) is a Belgian independent association that works for the development of renewable energy in a context of rational energy use. Active since 1991, APERe has earned recognition from regional, national and European public authorities.
APERe leads advising and education activities based on projects (campaigns, information, training, missions of facilitator, studies) and field activities (displays, lectures, animations). With its members and partners, APERe is also a network bringing together academic and associative competences in the Brussels and Walloon regions.

APERe has been the hydro energy facilitator for the Walloon Region for nine years, working closely with the administration, the citizens or local authorities who are interested in refurbishing a site and the hydro energy sector to ensure harmonious development of hydro energy in the Walloon Region

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