French Mill Federation – FDMF


The French Mill Federation is a non-profit organization, created in 2002 on the initiative of 18 regional mill heritage preservation organizations. Its aim is to provide a federation for fieldworkers who work to safeguard, promote and restore mills.Its activities are based around three themes: i. the mill at the heart of the industrial heritage; ii. the mill as a heritage attraction forming part of cultural and rural tourism; iii. the mill as a producer.



APERe (the Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energies) is a Belgian independent association that works for the development of renewable energy in a context of rational energy use. Active since 1991, APERe has earned recognition from regional, national and European public authorities.
APERe leads advising and education activities based on projects (campaigns, information, training, missions of facilitator, studies) and field activities (displays, lectures, animations). With its members and partners, APERe is also a network bringing together academic and associative competences in the Brussels and Walloon regions.APERe has been the hydro energy facilitator for the Walloon Region for nine years, working closely with the administration, the citizens or local authorities who are interested in refurbishing a site and the hydro energy sector to ensure harmonious development of hydro energy in the Walloon Region

Logo_Water & Land Management Faculty_Lithuania Water and Land Management Faculty


The faculty provides formation for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of hydraulic and small hydropower engineering, water resources protection and land management, offers master and doctorate courses in these subjects. The teachers and research associates are carrying out joint research projects with the partners from the EU and organizes conferences related to water and hydropower issues. The faculty has a very close relation with the Lithuanian Hydropower Association, Lithuanian Water Problem Board, which promote SHP development in the country.