Hydropower plants in the area of Gdańsk to inspire the project consortium.

The third RESTOR Hydro Project Meeting was held in Straszyn, Poland, on the 24th of September 2013. Straszyn, the village situated a few kilometres from Gdańsk is known for the historical hydropower plant built in 1910, located right next to the meeting venue. Perhaps, thanks to this neighbourhood the atmosphere of the meeting was very inspiring. Participants made a general review and long-term planning for the second half of the project and discussed lessons learnt. Robert Szlęzak from TRMEW portrayed the pilot sites in Poland selected to be rebuilt by cooperatives. His presentation reflected the progress that has been done in the RESTOR Hydro project realisation resulting from the efforts of the Polish partner.

In parallel to the third Project Meeting a site visit was organised to historical hydropower plants in the area of Gdańsk in order to collect the footage for producing a web video illustrating the project. The objects selected for filming were small hydropower plants on rivers Wierzyca and Piesienica: SHP Owidz, SHP Kolincz and two plants in Nowia Wieś Rzeczna. Most of the visited sites are examples of water mills rebuilt into hydropower plants in the way it is promoted in the RESTOR Hydro project. To see the visited plants and spy out how the film was made look here.

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