RESTOR Hydro Days in Poland

The RESTOR Hydro Days are the key campaigning events taking place in each of the eight target countries selected within the RESTOR Hydro project (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden).


The RESTOR Hydro Days in Poland is a three-day event combined with the annual meeting of the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development (TRMEW). The event is organized jointly by the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development and TRMEW sp. z o.o. and will take place from Friday to Sunday, 6-8 June 2014 in Suchedniów near Kielce.


The Programme includes:

  • Friday, 6 June – TRMEW General Assembly
  • Saturday, 7 June – information workshop on the RESTOR Hydro project and its implementation in Poland. Participants will learn where to find information on existing water mills and other potential small hydropower sites. For those interested in developing these sites the proposal of hydropower investments within the cooperative model will be presented. This will be followed by the seminar on legal, environmental and financial aspects of developing small hydropower projects and the workshop on practical aspects of developing projects and operation of small hydropower plants.
  • Sunday, 8 June – a study tour to three small hydropower plants on Czarna Nida river: SHP Wolica, SHP Bieleckie Młyny and SHP Morawica. Participants will see how repowering old water mills and energy generation in small hydropower plants  look in practice.


The RESTOR Hydro Days in Poland are also part of the Energy Days in Europe organised across Europe for the 2014 EU Sustainable Energy Week, Europe’s biggest event on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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