Second Status Meeting – Ljubjiana – 28th September 2012

What is heritage interpretation and how can it be useful when discussing refurbishment of small hydropower plants, mills and weirs?  The key lies in the communication and informal education for non-expert visitors on-site, through guides and self-guiding media.

Lili Mahne from the Slovenian Network for the Interpretation of Heritage, partner of the European Association for Heritage interpretation, joined our project meeting in Ljubljana in September 2012. It was the first time that she met representatives of the small hydropower sector from so many different European countries.  Her perspective was very valuable for RESTOR Hydro’s awareness raising and didactic goals.

Equipped with new tools and ideas, partners discussed about how to identify suitable sites for implementing repowering projects in the eight target regions. In order not to re-invent the wheel, partners collect existing databases and (historic) documents that map the location of numerous old mills and weir sites.

Have you come across such a document lately? . Your input will enrich our RESTOR Hydro Map.


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